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Synergy Training and Consulting specialise in working with individuals and teams to find their full potential both personally and professionally. We work with our clients, helping them to deal with relationships, life decisions, career choices, finances and personal wellness.

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We take a holistic view of the individual looking at their work, values, personal needs and relationships with others, so that they work together in synergy, rather than against one another.

Our coaching approach is to help our clients who have knowledge but don't, or don’t know how to translate it into behaviour. We endeavour to act as our clients’ sounding board, guiding their dreams turn to reality.

One on One Coaching

Our one on one coaching sessions will develop your leadership skills; increase self confidence and set achievable goals, allowing you to excel in all areas of life. We will work to your needs and flexibility. All our coaching programs are tailor made to meet the necessities of our clients.

Synergy Training & Consultant’s one on one coaching is interactive and collaborative where we take a directive approach to development and learning that is based on the client’s own skills, standards and goals.

Business Coaching Approach

Synergy Training & Consulting coaching sessions will lead you forward, transforming your personal and business life. We will lead our customers forward by utilising the clients existing skills and identifying their strengths. We believe in building on our client’s strengths motivating you to identify your true potential.

At the end of the business coaching, clients will have achievable strategies towards:

  • Setting performance goals for the team and individual
  • We will train you in the process of effectively thinking through major decisions –personal, career, team etc
  • How to solve problems effectively and efficiently
  • Manage employee and co-worker relationships
  • Communication effectively in language that can be understood by all levels of staffs
  • How to motivate others
  • Deal with work related problems such as conflict, handle stress
  • Improve negotiation skills
  • Our coaches are experienced with NLP qualifications

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