About Us


About Synergy Training & Consulting

The quality of the services provided by Synergy Training & Consulting is guaranteed to be professional and top notch, with the intention of leading our customers forward into the future. Synergy Training & Consulting brings together consultants with a depth of expertise to provide a wide range of services in Coaching, HR and Training & Development for clients who want to be transformed. We believe our relationship with our clients is embedded in synergising our services to lead you forward.

Synergy Training & Consulting was established in Sydney, Australia in 2006 in the provision of:

  • Corporate Training & Development
  • Nationally Accredited Training
  • Certified Courses
  • Personal Development Courses
  • HR consulting
  • Personal and Executive Coaching


 Our mission at Synergy Training & Consulting is to lead you forward, through developing the capabilities of individuals, teams and organisations. We aim to work effectively across cultures in order to create a sustainable local and global future. We strive to exceed client expectations and establish a transparent and ongoing relationship with our clients. 


 Transform clients who cross our path, by leading you forward in Training & Development, Business Consulting, Coaching, and HR Consulting. 


  • T ransparent, Team Work
  • R eturn on Investment, Respect for others
  • A chieve, Approachable
  • N ostalgic experiences
  • S eamless Service, Success
  • F uture, Fun, Flexible
  • O pportunity
  • R eliable
  • M otivate