Engage your number one assets – your staff

Engage your number one assets – your staff

I was writing an Employee Engagement Strategy plan for a client and gob smacked when I came across the following stats: 

  • Only 24% of employees in Australia and New Zealand are engaged in their job, according to the 2014 Gallup Survey. 
  • Australia has one of the highest ratios of disengaged employees in the world. We are on par with the US. 

This set me on a path to investigate further to validate the accuracy of the statistics above. I spoke to numerous managers and employees from various organisations and very quickly learnt employee engagement was low. The aim of this post is to explain the steps to setting clear staff development strategy to increase employee engagement. It all starts with career development. Career development is when a company identifies its long term goals and the competencies needed to meet these goals.

Steps to Clear Staff Development Strategy to Increase Staff Engagement

1. Define and Map the Company’s Strategy

Management should have a clear understanding of the company’s strategy and how it impacts them and their team. A good approach is to conduct workshops with the Management team.  At the completion of the workshop, every manger should have:


  • A clear understanding of the company strategy and how his/her team will contribute to meeting the company strategy. 
  • Completed strategy map for their direct reports. 

2. Communicate the strategy Map to Employees Individually 

Each Manager should sit down with each employee and discuss each employee’s role in achieving the Strategy Map. 

The Manager sets objectives with each employee to ensure every employee understands his/her part of the Strategy, how their work is important and how other employees and managers rely and depend upon their work. 


3. Link the Strategy Map to Performance appraisal & Succession Planning

The company and department’s performance appraisal should now be structured around the employee’s strategy map. 

i. Prior to Meeting

  • Employee completes a self appraisal for the last 3 or 6 months 
  • Manager completes an appraisal for the last 3 or 6 months. 

ii.During Meeting

  • Employee and employer talk through the following 
    • How has employee performed for the last 6 months bench marked against the employee’s strategy map?
    • What is the employee doing well? 
    • Where are improvements required? 
    • What training and up skilling is required? 
    • What are the employee’s goals for the next 6 months and how do they align with the strategy map?

iii. Post Meeting


  • Act on action items set during the performance appraisal process. 

Employee engagement is crucial to all businesses regardless of your size. 


Synergy training & Consulting work with businesses to help define your company strategy and map the strategy to each employee’s role. We conduct one on one and group workshops to set you on the right path to effective staff engagement. 

I would love to hear your experiences on staff engagement or your results from applying the steps in this article. 

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